Gracie Barra HuddersfieldGracie Barra Huddersfield

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Professor:   Jamie Paxman
Rank:     Black Belt

Jiu Jitsu for me means a passion, enjoyment and a challenge. With it constantly evolving you can only follow suit in the development of the sport which is the beauty of it, providing me a constant learning curve with goals and targets to achieve but also at the same time been creative.

I began my Brazilian jiu-Jitsu journey when I was studying at college, being overweight I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape. Becoming a fan of MMA, at the time I was fascinated with the ground aspect and researched what it was. I looked for the closest academy and got hooked within 5 minutes! Finishing college I took a gap year to pursue a possible chance of further myself in the sport, now 5 years on, I’m teaching and competing.

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